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Golden Mines

Golden Mines


 "Golden Mines"

Program give the opportunity to earn  your  money.
It is functional and is paid in rubles from 11.02.2014
The essence of the program is the extraction of ore. Buy a dwarf who draws ore for you, then you have to move the dredged material to the warehouse for processing, where you will get the game menu "Gold".
These transfers ore recommended at least once a month.

100 units ore = # 1Gold

You are divided into two accounts :

  • reinvestment (70%) for the purchase of other dwarf
  • and  salary (30%), you can always choose 

100 Gold = 1 Ruble


  • Getting started is also free in the folder "DAILY BONUS" a once in 24 hours, you can allot an amount between 10 and 100 Gold.
  • The game's five different dwarfs, exactly as you see them in the picture above and from each color you buy them you like.
  • Which "red" (the cheapest) is a 100 Golda and "blue" (highest) for 100,000 Golda, their hourly output is proportional to the price.
  • But it still knows the size hammers, not :-D

NEWS - Referral distribution


Every day in our project dozens of people are registered who came on our advertising, or independently passed to us from search engines, or simply accidentally stumbled upon a project without anyone's invitation. We call these users free referrals . 

This module allows each of you to get from 20 to 100 free referrals to your team. 

The principle of distribution of free referrals is extremely simple:

  • Every few hours, we select three users who during this period have scored the most points
  • These three receive from us 100, 50 and 20 referrals respectively
  • Once all three have received the specified number of referrals, we recapitulate and select the following three users
  • Points are given for any replenishment of the balance in the project, made after the previous summing-up. The number of points is equal to the total amount of replenishments for the current stage


Below you can see the list of the following applicants for getting referrals in the current stage, as well as the process of distributing referrals among the winners of the previous stage.


Deposits and payouts     

  • The primary wallet is   Pay EER  for contribution and  selection
  • Using services BestChange be inserted and the   Perfect Money  ,  OK  Pay  and  Ego  Pay



  • Deposit will get + 100% free amount
  • Deposit 500 Rubles violet two-dwarfs.
  • Deposit of 1500 Rubles one blue-dwarf.
  • For the payout still get + 20% extra

Watch the video in en  


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Good luck!!!

But this is not easy!

1. Rent the dwarves will have my 

2. The ore'll collect, store it in a warehouse

3. Ore will be processed and I won the gold 

4. Gold in exchange for real money, or you will hire more dwarfs who bring me more profits!


My payouts